Deadly gunfire heard on Kzoo County 911 call

Courtesy photo of Brandon Groetsema.

OSHTEMO TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD)— A newly released 911 call recording appears to back up a Kalamazoo County man’s claim he shot and killed another man in self defense.

Brandon Groetsema called dispatchers on Oct. 6, after confronting 27-year-old Bryan Bigham outside his girlfriend’s home at Woodland Estates in Oshtemo Township.

Police said Bigham was highly intoxicated and fighting with his girlfriend when screams woke Groetsema.

An undated courtesy photo of Bryan Bigham.
An undated courtesy photo of Bryan Bigham.

“He was walking around looking in people’s windows and he is obviously intoxicated. He was walking around causing mayhem. Hey back (expletive), I have a gun, I’m going to shoot him. He’s charging me right now,” Groetsema said during the call, which lasts a little longer than seven minutes.

“He’s charging you, sir?” The dispatcher asked.

“Yes, he’s saying he’s going to kill me. I’m about to shoot him in my backyard,” Groetsema replied.

“Sir, do you have a gun in your hand?” The dispatcher asked.

“Yes, it’s legally my weapon. It’s registered to me,” Groetsma answered.

The dispatcher asked Groetsema to stay on the line while she sent police to the scene.

“He’s coming after me. I’m going to shoot him,” Groetsema warned.

What seems like two gunshots can then be heard on the recording.

“I just shot him. He kept coming after me,” Groetsema told the dispatcher shortly thereafter.

Listen to the 911 call* below. App users can click here to listen.

Bigham later died at the hospital.

The Kalamazoo County Prosecutor’s Office last week announced it would not be filing criminal charges against Groetsema for the deadly shooting.

The prosecutor’s office said the circumstances sounding the case were tragic, but the available evidence supported Groetsema’s claim of self defense.

Monday, 24 Hour News 8 contacted Groetsema and relatives of Bryan Bigham, but no one wanted to talk on camera.

*The audio file of the 911 call has been altered by 24 Hour News 8 to exclude profanity.

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