Auto optimism reigns at Michigan Int’l Auto Show

The Michigan International Auto Show opened in DeVos Place Jan. 28, 2016.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you’re thinking of buying a new car, you’re not alone.

Last year was a record year for auto sales and the 2016 forecast remains optimistic. Pent up demand and gas prices are just a few of the factors.

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Over 300 vehicles are on the floor of DeVos Place this weekend for the Michigan International Auto Show.

“Whether you’re looking for a sporty car, like a Fiat; you want a sports car; you want an SUV; you want the truck of the year — we’ve got all of those different things,” said MIAS publicist Dianna Stampfler.

Just a few years ago, a lot of the folks kicking tires at the show were more or less window shopping. In 2008, the automotive industry saw record low sales at just over 13 million vehicles. Fast forward seven years and sales were well over the 17 million vehicle mark.

While it probably won’t be this year, analysts say figures are bound to level off at some point. After all, the auto industry remains cyclical. But even a leveling off is expected to be just that, not a major drop.

That’s good news for automakers, auto dealers and the many auto suppliers. Especially those who call West Michigan home.

“Many suppliers and automakers alike would be more than happy to have a leveling off at 16 million vehicle sales, 16 and a half, 17,” said IHS Auto Industry analyst Mike Wall in an earlier interview. “We’ll definitely take that.”

The Michigan International Auto Show runs through Sunday at DeVos Place.



Michigan International Auto Show

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