State workers in Flint have been getting water for a year

Potentially lead-tainted water flows from a kitchen sink tap in Flint in January 2016.

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — An official says the state of Michigan has offered fresh bottled water at a state building in Flint for a year — although residents were told not to worry about their tap water until last fall.

Caleb Buhs, a spokesman for the agency that manages state buildings, says the water coolers began in January 2015 after Flint had flunked some drinking water standards apart from the lead contamination that has caused the current crisis.

He says the water coolers still are supplied to a state building in Flint. Employees can also use the drinking fountains.

Buhs says it was a decision “we made as the building owner.”

A liberal group critical of Gov. Rick Snyder released state emails Thursday that described how water was being provided to the building.

>>Online: The document per Progress Michigan

Lonnie Scott of Progress Michigan says Snyder’s administration was taking care of employees while Flint residents were being told to not worry about tap water.

Snyder told WWJ-AM in an interview Friday morning that he had “no knowledge of that taking place.” He says his understanding is that the use of bottled water at the state building in Flint was because of warnings by the Flint officials that were issued at the time.

Flint residents are now warned to drink only filtered or bottled water because of lead contamination.



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