10 Romantic stay-at-home date ideas

Couple in bed

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Stay-home dates are a wonderful, inexpensive and comfy way to spend time with your partner. After some cuddling and bonding, you may never want to leave the house again!

Don’t wait! Get the romance brewing at your home right now with one of these ideas!

Create an indoor picnic

Indoor Picnic

Grab some grub and create a cozy picnic spot in your living room.

Movies and popcorn

Couple watching a movie

Watch a film from Netflix or pick up an inexpensive flick from the RedBox, pop some popcorn, grab some Twizzlers™ and snuggle up on the couch.

Set up a game night

Young Couple In Pajamas Playing Video Game Together

Do you have any board games you both enjoy? What about video games? Set up a night of endless games and compete. A little friendly competition is fun. How about the best two out of three?

Cook a meal together

Couple cooking together

Grab some bottles of wine and choose a couple recipes from online. Spend the evening cooking a new appetizer, entree and dessert together. Save money and enjoy a homecooked meal with the two of you at the table.

Create a romantic international getaway

Drinking Wine By The Fireplace
Go to France, Italy or wherever you desire. Theme your date night. A night in France might include cheese soufflé, a bottle of Dom Perignon, french apple pie and a French or French-themed movie such as Amélie or Chocolat. 

Take a warm bubble bath together

Couple Relaxing In Bubble Bath Together

Gather some scented candles, some bubble bath and a few rose petals and relax your cares away together in a warm bath.

Learn more about each other

Couple talking together

Download some question sheets from the web and spend the evening getting to know one another better.

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