Dazzling interactive photo captures icy lakeshore

Courtesy: Tony Reidsma

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — If you are stuck inside this weekend and need to live vicariously though video, this panoramic tour of the Holland pier is for you. The stunning interactive tour gives a high definition view of ice structures on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The dazzling trek across the ice was captured and compiled by photographer Tony Reidsma, whose work has been featured in ArtPrize 7.

Reidsma was able to capture the shinning beauty of Holland on one of just a few mostly sunny moments this month. This January has been cloudier than average. Typically, West Michigan picks up about 26 percent possible sunshine in the month. This year only 17.7 percent of possible sunshine has been recorded. This is still sunnier than the cloudiest January ever on record, which only received 6 percent possible sunshine.

(Courtesy: Tony Reidsma)
(Courtesy: Tony Reidsma)

Throughout the tour, “+” signs appear that, if clicked, will launch you to different views around the pier.

Ice cover on Lake Michigan has been down this January compared to Januaries of 2014 and 2015. This year only about 12 percent of the Great Lakes is covered in ice. Lake Michigan has about 10 percent ice cover as of Friday. Last year was the earliest on record ice had formed on the Great Lakes. This year has been one of the latest on record to form ice.

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