Video: Stolen dog reunited with Knoxville family after 1 year

(Courtesy: WATE)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – After a year of searching, Sherry and Ayame Krappe were reunited with their beloved dog.

“I started going to every shelter’s page that I could, Knox County and surrounding shelters,” Sherry said.

She said their dog Coco had been stolen from them. She was picked-up as a stray and brought into Young-Williams Animal Center. Krappe said she was looking through available dogs on Young-Williams’ website when she spotted her family’s missing dog.

“I woke my husband up out of a sleep and I said, ‘I just found Coco!’” she said.

(Courtesy: Young-Williams Animal Shelter via WATE)
(Courtesy: Young-Williams Animal Shelter via WATE)
Hours after finding her dog on the website, Sherry Krappe was able to pick her up at the shelter. Coco’s reaction to seeing her family is priceless.

“It was an amazing amazing event yesterday. This dog knew that this was her mom. There was no doubt about it,” said Shelter Director Monica Brown.

The Chocolate Siberian husky/hound mix weighs around 50 pounds, but that didn’t stop her from jumping into her family’s lap. “We didn’t forget about you,” Sherry whispered to Coco. “We kept trying and trying and then we found you.”

Coco, who couldn’t be happier, rolled on the floor wagging her tail while her owner rubbed her belly. Vanessa Sumner, a volunteer at Young-Williams Animal Shelter said she had never seen Coco act so happy.

“I cried and cried and cried. I was just so happy it was her,” said Ayame. “My heart was just like whole again because when I found out that she was gone I was devastated.”

The Krappe family thanked Young-Williams Animal Shelter for finding their dog. Coco, who had heartworms during her time away from her family, was micro-chipped and sent home up-to-date with her vaccinations.

“I’m so glad she has looked all over for this dog! I’m glad she’s home where she belongs,” said Stephanie Leann Kennemore, a friend of Sherry Krappe.

Young-Williams said they could not be happier they were able to reunite the Krappe family with their dog.

This story originally appeared on WATE-TV

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