Detective: Coach sent explicit photos to player

A 2016 mug shot of Raymond Fay Brenner II, provided by the Allegan County Jail.

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Tuesday, the Martin Public Schools junior varsity boys basketball team played its first game since its head coach was arrested.

Raymond Brenner, 24, is accused of sending explicit pictures of his genitals to a player on the team, according to court documents. He is charged with accosting a minor for immoral purposes and using a computer to commit a crime.

The situation was the focus of the buzz in the bleachers on Tuesday evening as Martin parents watched their sons play against Kelloggsville’s team. Many were in disbelief that a coach embedded in the small community would send explicit pictures to a player.

“That’s where the line got crossed, and you can’t uncross that line,” Nikki Dillenbeck, whose son plays on the Martin JV team, said.

She said she spoke with her son about the incident after the allegations came to light.

“You have to be vigilant and talk to your other kids and make sure that they know the boundaries. And even if they get a gut feeling of uncomfortable, they can talk to us as parents,” Dillenbeck said.

During a probable cause hearing Monday, a detective told a judge that Brenner admitted to having used a computer to send the explicit pictures in the last month.

“He seemed like a really good guy and I think it was just a misjudgment on his part, but deep down his family is better than that,” Dillenbeck said.

The team is keeping focused on the court despite a disruption to its season.

Martin Public Schools is cooperating with the Allegan County Sheriff’s Office’s investigation. The district says it will make a final decision on Brenner’s employment once the investigation is complete.

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