Embrace musical nostalgia at Vertigo

Vinyl at Vertigo Music
Vinyl at Vertigo Music

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) In the music industry, what’s old is new again. Over the past decade, vinyl has been making a huge comeback as young people explore it as a whole new way of listening to music. Older adults are also dusting off their turntables to rediscover some of the classic albums of their youth.

Music lovers, young and old, can find their favorite tunes on vinyl at Vertigo Music in Grand Rapids. Vertigo is one of the last record shops in Grand Rapids. Vinyl has become popular again, thanks in part to the creation of National Record Store Day. Vinyl lovers say records offer a different musical experience because it’s something they can hold in their hands, rather than just pushing a button on a device.

Vertigo Music has more than 25,000 new albums in store. They have classic albums all the way up to contemporary music. Vertigo also buys used vinyl, DVD movies, concert footage, cassettes, and CDs.

April 16 is Record Store Day. Vertigo Music is planning a big party with music, refreshments, sales, and special deals.

Vertigo Music
129 Division Ave. S.
Grand Rapids
(616) 742-5106

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