Free Legal help at Legal Assistance Center

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (Wood) — Many of us will have to face situations in life that will require a little legal expertise. Unfortunately, this comes with a cost many cannot afford. The Legal Assistance Center is an nonprofit organization for individuals in need of such help.

Whether involving family, housing, consumer, and other miscellaneous legal binds, the Legal Assistance Center offers free consultation for a wide range of need for all who walk through their doors. With the proper legal info, forms, and resources, the LAC can provide you with the knowledge needed to clearly navigate your legal affairs independently.

If in need of additional help, the LAC can connect you with additional referrals and connections.

The overall mission to ensure that you are informed, prepared and heard in legal situations, the LAC makes sure to be an accessible resource. This includes walk-ins and phone calls. For more info, check out their contact page.

The Legal Assistance Center’s website serves as an excellent resource. With online forms, as well as community and national organization links, LAC ensures that you are well connected to these tools when you need them.

The Legal Assistance Center is proudly sponsored by Huntington Bank, a partner with WOOD TV8’s Connecting With Community.

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