Surgery-free option to correct vision

Ortho-K contact lens.
Ortho-K contact lens.

ROCKFORD, Mich. (WOOD) Millions of people, including school-age children, suffer from vision problems like near-sightedness and have to wear glasses, contacts, or some type of corrective lens so they can see.

Rockford Family Eyecare has a treatment option that allows near-sighted people to go without glasses or contacts, and doesn’t require surgery.

Ortho-K is a contact lens you wear while you’re sleeping, that reshapes the front layer of the cornea. It can give the wearer 20/20 vision for up to several days, without glasses or traditional contact lenses.

Ortho-K is a great option for kids and teens because it doesn’t require glasses or contacts which can get lost or broken. Dr. Sees at Rockford Family Eyecare is one of the only doctors in the area that does Ortho-K because it requires certain equipment and software to design the customized lenses.

Right now at Rockford Family Eyecare, get $250 off Ortho-K lenses plus a free pair of sports goggles. The offer is good to the first ten patients. Call (616) 951-7115 to make an appointment.

To learn more about Ortho-K, schedule an appointment at Rockford Family Eyecare by calling (616) 951-7115.

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