Some blame missing vessels on ‘Lake Michigan Triangle’

The waves on Lake Michigan at Ludington on Nov. 12, 2015.

UNDATED (WBAY) — A mysterious area of water and land where planes and ships have been known to disappear known as the “Lake Michigan Triangle” stretches near most of West Michigan’s shoreline.

The Lake Michigan Triangle — sometimes called “Michigan Triangle” — spans from Manitowoc, Wisc. to Ludington, Mich. and south to Benton Harbor. A long list of vessels have a disappeared in the area never to be found, reports the Travel Channel.

While the Bermuda Triangle has been largely covered by the the mainstream media, the Michigan Triangle has received far less attention.

Skeptics of the Triangle attribute the plane and ship incidents to Lake Michigan’s long history of violent weather. But some experts say while it could explain the initial incidents, weather can’t explain the disappearance of the missing vessels. Some say the cause of the disappearances is a “metaphysical force” with a supernatural vortex of energy.

They attribute that to scientists’ discovery of an ancient civilization with carvings dating back to prehistoric times 40 feet underwater. The site is often referred to as “North American Stonehenge.”

Since 1913, law enforcement officials in Wisconsin have documented unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which some say could have something to do with disappearing vessels, according to the Travel Channel.

To view the video from the Travel Channel, click here.

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