Michigan establishes invasive species website

This undated file photo provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources shows an adult emerald ash borer. Emerald ash borers are an invasive species in Michigan. (AP Photo/Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, File)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Three state agencies have established a website to help Michigan residents identify and deal with invasive species.

It’s operated by the departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Quality and Agriculture and Rural Development. The site combines each department’s online resources involving management of invasive plants, animals and insects.

Spokeswoman Joanne Foreman says it describes simple steps everyone can take to avoid spreading exotic hitchhikers, such as removing seeds and mud from shoes, gear and pets.

The site also has photos and descriptions that can help users identify invasive species. It has information on state and federal laws designed to stop their spread, including plants and pets that are restricted or prohibited for sale and possession in Michigan.

The site is http://www.michigan.gov/invasives.

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