Recordings played at trial of ex-GRPD officer accused of rape

Former officer Ryan Bruggink is charged with criminal sexual conduct, home invasion

Former Grand Rapids police officer Ryan Bruggink appears in court on Tuesday. (March 22, 2016)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Jurors in the rape case against a former Grand Rapids police officer heard a recording of a phone call between the suspect and alleged victim Friday.

“Why did you do that to me?” The woman could be heard saying in the police recording.

“I don’t even remember,” Ryan Bruggink responded.

“You don’t remember?” The alleged victim questioned.

“No,” Bruggink reiterated.

“I asked you the next day and you said you remembered,” the woman said.

The alleged victim has accused Bruggink of forcing his way into her home last November and sexually assaulting her. Bruggink faces three counts of criminal sexual conduct and a charge of first-degree home invasion.

In an interview recorded by police, Bruggink admitted he was intoxicated when he went to her house but he denied raping the woman.

“In the beginning she said, ‘No, I don’t want to have sex with you.’ But then she came over and had sex with me… I didn’t rape this woman,” Bruggink said in the interview with Michigan State Police Lt. Greg Poulson.

Bruggink said in the interview the woman let him inside her home and they had sex.

When Poulson asked Bruggink about the abrasions on the alleged victim’s tongue, Bruggink said their normal sexual routine was usually rough.

“It was rough, I get that,” Bruggink responded.

Bruggink told police he sexually touched the woman in a way she didn’t like and that’s why she was angry. He said he didn’t force sex on her.

However, when Poulson took the stand, he said Bruggink kept switching his answers as to whether it was consensual sex or she said no.

Bruggink told police he knew he was facing a serious accusation.

“I’ve been stripped of everything,” he said.

Emotions may have been running high that night, based on Bruggink’s account.

He said he was upset because he found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the home where the woman’s three children were staying.

He also said the alleged victim was upset because she found out he had a girlfriend through Facebook.

Tuesday, the alleged victim testified she did not report the incident immediately because Bruggink was a Grand Rapids police officer and she was afraid no one would believe her. She said the alleged sex assault drove her into a deep depression, causing her to lose one of her jobs.

Wednesday, a forensics scientist testified that evidence collected in connection to the rape case did not contain the suspect’s DNA.  However, a trooper said he did not collect clothes or bed sheets from the home and he forgot to take pictures at the scene.

The trooper said the alleged victim was upset and the underwear he collected from her home appeared to be torn. A nurse who examined the alleged victim 40 hours after the incident  also testified the woman’s injuries were consistent with her story.

The prosecution rested their case Friday.

The trial is expected to resume Monday morning when defense lawyers will call their first witness.

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