Ex-GRPD officer testifies; denies rape allegation

Ex-GRPD officer Ryan Bruggink testifies in rape case. (March 28, 2016)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A former Grand Rapids police officer denied allegations that he raped his ex-girlfriend when he took the stand on Monday.

Ryan Bruggink is accused of forcing his way into his girlfriend’s home last November and sexually assaulting her. Bruggink faces three counts of criminal sexual conduct and a charge of first-degree home invasion.

Bruggink testified that he met the alleged victim online in January 2014 when she was six or seven months pregnant. He said they had sex 90 percent of the time they hung out.

“It was a very sexual relationship and that’s mainly what we did the whole entire time,” Bruggink said.

Two months prior to the alleged rape, Bruggink said he got a new girlfriend and that’s when he said their relationship changed.

On the night of the alleged rape, Bruggink admitted to having seven beers and a couple shots, but said he never forced his way into her home.

“She went over to the door, unlocked it and opened it,” Bruggink testified.

He went on to say that he did not restrain the alleged victim and called it “consensual sex.” However, he said she got mad at him when he tried something different sexually and told him to leave.

After the rape accusations, Bruggink said he was stripped of everything including his police badge and was put on leave at work.

In an interview recorded by police and played in front of jurors last week, Bruggink admitted he was intoxicated when he went to her house but he denied raping the woman.

“In the beginning she said, ‘No, I don’t want to have sex with you.’ But then she came over and had sex with me… I didn’t rape this woman,” Bruggink said in the interview with Michigan State Police Lt. Greg Poulson.

However, when Poulson took the stand last week, he said Bruggink kept switching his answers as to whether it was consensual sex or she said no.

Bruggink said he remembers that night, but in the police interview he said he just couldn’t remember specifics as in how long something went on.

During Bruggink’s cross-examination, the prosecutor accused him of following a script given to him by his attorneys.

The prosecutor also said Bruggink’s police interview was much different than his testimony.

The trial is expected to resume Tuesday morning. 24 Hour News 8 will have a crew in the courtroom.

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