Are you storing your winter clothes correctly?

Clothes in a closet

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) — It’s time to swap out the cashmeres and wools in your closet for lighter spring and summer clothes. Not taking time or paying attention to how you store these winter clothes can end up with misshapen clothes riddled with mothballs. Store your clothes neatly and orderly with a few tips.

First things first, clean EVERYTHING. Moths and insects are attracted to everyday scents, such as perfume or deodorant, so wash or dry clean all clothes before storing. This includes taking all clothes out of the dry cleaning plastic. Storing clothes in any sort of plastic traps moisture, which can cause fibers  to dry out and can cause yellowing of fabric.

Stick with plastic bins. Although, vacuum seal bags seem like all the rage right now, warns against them since you use a vacuum to suck out all the air, it dries out the garment. “Clothes need to breathe, so plastic bins are fine for non-delicate items like t-shirts, jeans, wool sweaters, or polyester. Just be sure you pack things loosely to maximize air flow.”

Folding vs. hanging: Besides real fur, fold your winter clothes for storage. Leaving even your biggest wool’s hanging up can leave clothes misshapen. They key is to not over-stuff storage bins, leave room for air circulation.

Remember CCDD: Cool, clean, dry, dark. Repeat. Repeat Again. And again. Storing clothes in a cool, clean, dry, and dark place ensures that clothes will stay in their best condition during storage.

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