Limb loss support in West Michigan

Spectrum Health limb loss support group

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) Groups that offer support and assistance can make a huge difference in people’s lives, especially if you, or someone you love, has experience amputation or lost a limb. Dr. Gillespie and Jamie DuVerneay, from Spectrum Health introduce eightwest viewers to the Limb Loss Meet Up, a special group created as a resource for social support and ongoing education for people who have experienced an amputation, congenital limb loss or patients considering amputation in their future.

Losing a limb can be a profound shock. Everyone reacts to loss in different ways. You may be feeling angry, frustrated, scared, sad, or lonely. These are very common feelings after limb loss. In fact, many people go through distinct stages of grieving. Only you know how you feel. Spectrum Health encourages their patients to ask for the emotional support they need and remind them that they don’t have to go through this time of adjustment alone.

The Limb Loss Meet follows a casual group format which allows for members to tell their stories and experiences, share resources, provide social support- assisting each other through the ups and downs as well as adjusting to a “new normal.”  Often the members who have been post amputation for quite a while will take the new members under their wing to provide support/encouragement but it isn’t rare for the members to be seen removing their prosthetic devices to show new/prospective amputee patients how the device is donned, or differences between prosthesis related to activity level of the individual.

Spectrum Health Center for Acute Rehabilitation
Limb Loss Meet Up

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