VIDEO: TV crew catches church break-in attempt live

TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — A church maintenance worker was able to thwart a break-in at a Tampa church by using his concealed weapon to keep the suspect at bay until police arrived.

WFLA-TV reporter Lindsey Mastis and photographer Malik Parler were driving to another story when they saw a man with his hands up, and another man with a handgun pointed at him.

Ed Clayton, a maintenance worker with First Baptist Church in Tampa, told WFLA-TV he decided to bring his concealed weapon because the doors to the church had been breached earlier in the evening. He was tasked with boarding them up, but he worried someone might be inside.

When he got to the church, he said a witness told him what happened and that the man ran away without going inside. As Clayton worked on boarding up the doors, the suspect came back.church2

“I saw the guy walk up the sidewalk and he saw me and took off running. So I ran down the sidewalk and when I got to the end of the sidewalk I didn’t see anyone,” he recounted. “I look over in the bushes and he’s hiding.”

Clayton said this is the first time he’s had to pull his concealed weapon on someone.

“As soon as I hit the sidewalk over there, I took my weapon out just in case. I didn’t know where he was,” he said.

A short time later, a Tampa police officer pulled up with her weapon drawn and other officers came running. They ordered the suspect on the ground and took him into custody.

Police do not believe Clayton will face any charges because he has a right to protect himself and property. Clayton said he has a permit for his handgun.

There is no word on what charges the suspect is facing.


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