Mom of drive-by victim: Thankful to God daughter is alive

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A barrage of bullets were fired at a 4-year-old and her family Thursday on Leonard Street NE near Houseman Avenue in Grand Rapids. Police say she was an innocent bystander.

The 4-year-old survived the shooting. Her mother says someone was looking out for them.

“It’s amazing, I feel like I will be thankful to God, every minute of my life,” said the girl’s mom who only wanted to be identified by her last name Fahim because of safety concerns.

The Fahim’s moved to Grand Rapids from Egypt a few months ago. Thursday, they were walking to the store when they suddenly became victims of a drive-by shooting.

“My mom stopped in the street to tie her shoe, if my mom doesn’t tie her shoe we wouldn’t go and we wouldn’t be in this spot in this time,” said Fahim.

The family members were on the sidewalk when they heard the loud bangs. At least five of them. Fahim thought it was fireworks until she heard another sound.

“My daughter screamed and I found her pants with two holes,” she said.

She saw blood coming out of the girl’s knee and then discovered the bullet would. Everyone else in their family was unharmed.

“I screamed and I don’t know what I can do,” recalled the mom. “But I found someone who is sitting in his car like he was waiting for me.”

She still doesn’t know the stranger’s name, but he rushed her and her daughter to the hospital.

“He was so kind and God sent him in the perfect time,” said Fahim.

At the hospital the Fahim’s learned the bullet hit the perfect spot, Grazing the 4-year-old’s right knee allowing her to walk and run without any issues.

She was bandaged up and released from the hospital within hours.

Her mom says she has no ill will towards the shooter.

“We are praying for him since yesterday really, to be a good man and to change,” said Fahim.

Police have yet to release a motive in the shooting.

Friday afternoon one of the three suspects was in court. Louis Curry, 16, was arraigned on attempted murder charges. He will be charged as an adult.

Court records show Curry has a juvenile record. In 2015, he was charged with larceny, third-degree home invasion and earlier this year he faced a drug charge.

Police released the names of the two other suspects on Friday — 17-year-old Dereontae Masson Foster and 16-year-old Elijah Eric Alridge.

Foster is facing two counts of assault with intent to murder and one count of unlawfully driving away an automobile.

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