Best BBQ in West Michigan: The Pit Stop BBQ

The Pit Stop BBQ

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) West Michigan voted the Pit Stop BBQ the best, and they’re not the only ones raving! The Pit Stop also sits as #10 best BBQ in the country. So what is bringing people from near and far (even China) to this joint? Lots of love and care for real deal BBQ.

The Pit Stop is tucked away in the back corner of a strip mall on 28th Street in Cascade. Once you find it, you’ll be addicted to coming back! Don’t be intimidated by the line when you first arrive, they crank through service with lightening speed. The atmosphere is casual, fun, and very welcoming. The owners, Matt and Sue Smith, treat their product with the same respect as their customers, top priority. Watching them walk around is pretty incredible. Not only do they recognize everyone, but they chit chat about their lives, families, and what new item they’re trying this week.

They are truly a dream team, Matt is the meat guru and Sue does all their amazing sides. A few regulars boasted to me about having BBQ all over the country, and that it doesn’t get better than The Pit Stop.  If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for?! Plus, new customers get to bang the gong!

Let’s get to the food! As soon as you park and get out of the car, the smells of BBQ and summer hit you. It would be impossible for someone to get out of their car, smell the smoker, and leave (this has not been tested by science, yet, still applying for grants). You walk in and your mouth starts watering, oh what to choose?

Here’s a comforting nugget of information, there is no wrong answer! I sampled almost everything and it’s all good! Oh this seemed a little – NO! Care has been put into every meat and side dish, the Matt and Sue genuinely put thought into everything that goes on the menu and on your plate.

>>> Mouthwatering photos from The Pit Stop BBQ

The brisket is silky, the pulled pork is decadent, and the chicken is juicy. I liked that each meat had big flavor, but not “punch in the face” spice. It let the meat speak for itself, but a good flavor level for everyone. Now, let’s take a minute to talk about the Italian sausage. As a brisket fanatic, I’m not one to stray from my BBQ favorites, but the sausage and peppers is worth a try! It’s rich, has a good kick, and is insanely addicting. It was the first thing I cleaned off my plate. Which leads me into the baked beans. According the Matt, the beans have a “cult following”. I get it, when do I get my black and white Nike Decades? They have that sticky and sweet taste you look for, but there’s a hit of sweet sausage with deep, deep flavor. Sue stayed tight-lipped when I pried for an ingredient list.

Some of my other favorite sides were the mac and cheese and green beans. Let’s start with the less obvious, green beans. Whatever Sue does to these unassuming little veggies is truly a miracle. I thought the same thing you are thinking right now, “Okay, green beans. Yes, I’ve had green beans many times before. They are green, they are beans, okay.” Wrong! You are so wrong! These hit all the tastebuds for me; they were buttery, rich yet light, crunchy, and had almonds on top. Don’t overlook the green beans! Next, the mac and cheese made me weak in the knees. It was gooey and creamy, and I could taste the love in it. Definitely a must try!

Another must try? Their wraps are phenomenal! You can kind of get all your favorite stuffed and grilled in a warm wrap. Plus, you get a different look at what The Pit Stop has to offer. If you’re not smiling while envisioning biting into a Reuben done by Matt and Sue, please stop reading this immediately.

What’s next on the horizon? You may be seeing some of your favorite sides featured in Spartan Stores this July, follow The Pit Stop’s Facebook for updates!

Overall, if you’re looking for amazing BBQ from the friendliest West Michigan locals, The Pit Stop is your destination. They use awesome products, prepared the right way, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Can’t wait to see what’s next for The Pit Stop!

Pit Stop Catering
6479 28th st SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Restaurant Hours: Thursday & Friday 11am-6:30pm

Email or call 616-340-5600 for any catering inquiries or questions.

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