Ottawa County offers election results texts to voters

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. (WOOD) — Ottawa County voters will soon get election results in the palm of their hand.

“I think at one point I just said ‘Wouldn’t this be cool if we could just get a text message when the election results became live or when the election results were updated?’ And our website provider kind of looked and me and said ‘I think we could probably do that,’” said Ottawa County Clerk Justin Roebuck.

The current system essentially sends the user a link to all election results, but Roebuck hopes to refine the system in the future so users can select which races they’re interested in.

Roebuck said he’s shared his ideas about the technology with other counties and state officials.

“I think at the Secretary of State level it’s been something… they’re interested in. At this point, we kind of haven’t moved forward with that; (we’re) still kind of in the beta testing phase,” he said.

Roebuck tells 24 Hour News 8 that 300 users are testing the system. Most of the users are associated with school districts, but the county is looking at expanding the service to others. To sign up, visit Ottawa County’s election page.

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