Allegan County crime spree suspect badly beaten; charges possible

Haley Jenkins booking photo
An Aug. 8, 2016 mug shot of Haley Jenkins of Otsego. (Allegan County Sheriff's Office)

WATSON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — An Allegan County woman charged in a 13-hour crime spree along with her boyfriend appears to be the victim of a separate crime.

Haley Jenkins’ eye is swollen shut in her Aug. 8 booking photo from the Allegan County jail. Her face is also black and blue with bruises.

Haley Jenkins booking photo
The Aug. 8, 2016 booking photos of Haley Jenkins. (Allegan County Sheriff’s Office)

Jenkins, 21, is charged with breaking and entering and unlawfully driving away with an automobile.

Her boyfriend, 34-year-old Kenneth E. Lapham is charged with breaking and entering, felon in possession of a firearm, felony firearm and unlawfully driving away with an automobile.

Kenneth E. Lapham mug shot
An Aug. 9, 2016 mug shot of Kenneth E. Lapham. (Allegan County Sheriff’s Office)

The charges stem from a series of crimes that started at 8 a.m. Thursday. The Allegan County Sheriff’s Office believes the couple broke into three Watson Township homes and stole two vehicles, along with some food, two guns and money.

Authorities arrested the couple Thursday night, after tracking the second stolen vehicle to Lapham’s home.

Undersheriff Frank Baker says additional assault charges could be filed against Jenkins’ attacker.

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