VIDEO: Man waits out tornado near Bangor

As many as four tornadoes in West Michigan on Saturday

Bangor Township tornado
Surveillance video shows a tornado over a soybean field in Bangor Township. (Aug. 20, 2016)

BANGOR TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — As a probable tornado swept through Bangor Township near his home, one man waited it out in his pickup truck.

Mark Novak had just arrived home from work Saturday afternoon when he saw the twister appear in a nearby soybean field. Sitting in his driveway, he stayed in his truck.

Surveillance video shows wind whipping and debris flying. A small tree near him was torn away. He said he was afraid the winds would take out the big tree above him.

“Held it steady, pretty much,” Novak said of his truck. “I just got it two days ago, so it held up to a tornado, so I like it.”

The tornado moved northwest through to the city of Bangor, causing damage there, too. It downed trees and pushed them onto some homes. A few roofs were torn away. However, there were no reports of major structural damage or injuries. However, there was more serious structural damage to the nearby Columbia Township Hall and a blueberry farm.

Saturday’s storm appears to have brought as many as four tornadoes to West Michigan.

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