Two-time hit-and-run victim: ‘I’d just like an apology’

After a vehicle struck motorcyclist Rick Medacco on US-31, the driver took off

Reck Medacco, hit-and-run
Rick Medacco needed a neck brace after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver on US-31. (Aug. 23, 2016)

ROOSEVELT PARK, Mich. (WOOD) — A motorcyclist who was hit by a car last week wants the driver to come forward and take responsibility for what happened.

Tuesday, Rick Medacco, 36, sat on the couch in the living room of his Roosevelt Park home, carefully shifting his weight to avoid the pain that comes with movement.

“Two cracked or fractures vertebrae. They have to be fused together here,” he showed 24 Hour News 8, rubbing his hand on his neck, which was still in a brace.

“Two broken ribs on this side here,” he continued the verbal mapping of his injuries. “A lacerated kidney and a bruised colon.”

In other words, Medacco is hurting. The driver that caused his pain didn’t stick around to take responsibility.

About 9:15 p.m. Friday, Medacco was on his motorcycle, heading north in the outside lane on US-31 near Stanton Street in Port Sheldon Township. Another driver was making a Michigan left to head north on 31. But instead of turning into the inside lane, the driver crossed over to the outside lane, striking Medacco.

Reck Medacco, hit-and-run
Grass caught in the back of Rick Madacco’s motorcycle.

“I scraped probably along the door up to about the mirror, then it just shot me right down into the ditch,” he recalled.

Late Tuesday afternoon, 24 Hour News 8 learned a possible suspect has been identified, though there had not yet been an arrest.

“I guess I’d just like an apology from them. If it was an accident, it was an accident,” Medacco said. “It’s just frustrating. My family could have lost me.”

It’s the second time in 15 years Medacco has been the victim of a hit-and-run driver. The first time was in 2001. He was the passenger in a pickup truck on I-96 near Marne when a road rage incident killed the driver of the vehicle he was in. He and three others were hurt. The at-fault driver was eventually caught and convicted.

Witnesses said the driver of the vehicle that hit Medacco Friday stopped at a gas station just north of the crash scene and then took off.

“It’s hard for me to be angry with them. I just want them to come forward and say, ‘I did it,'” Medacco said.

Damage to the hit-and-run vehicle, described as a white compact SUV or crossover, will be obvious. The doors on the passenger’s side were damaged and it may be missing a side-view mirror.

If you were on US-31 about the time of the crash Friday night and saw something that might help, give the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office a call at 616.738.4000 or 616.738.4687.

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