Recounts change 2 Kalamazoo Co. primary race outcomes

KALAMAZOO COUNTY, Mich. (WOOD) — The outcomes of two Kalamazoo County primary races have changed following recounts.

The Kalamazoo County Board of Canvassers released the results Friday after the recount of four township offices — two of which changed from the August primary.

In the race for Richland Township trustee, Bear Priest and Joseph Kaywood tied with 359 votes back in August. At the County Canvass, Kaywood drew the “elected” slip and was declared the winner, but Priest filed for a recount.

The results showed Priest won with 360 votes to Kaywood’s 359. Priest will instead appear on the November ballot.

The race for Texas Township treasurer also has a new winner.

Incumbent Pat Cutting and challenger Trish Roberts originally tied with 620 votes in August. Cutting won the draw and was declared the winner.

But the recount showed that Roberts actually won with 624 votes to Cutting’s 621. As a result, Roberts will appear on the November ballot.

The recount for Schoolcraft Township clerk and Texas Township trustee produced the same results. Incumbent Virginia Mongreig won by one vote over challenger Deborah Vliek for Schoolcraft Township clerk.

Wendy Mazer, Tim Brown, Donald D. Boven and Nicholas Loeks will remain the Republican candidates for Texas Township trustee. Catherine DiBiaggio requested a recount after finishing in fifth place.

All of the candidates involved in the recount do not face opposition in the November general election.

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