BBB offering online contractor quote service

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Most homeowner know the frustration. You call to get an estimate on some work around the house. Sometimes the contractor doesn’t return the call, and even if you do get a quote, there’s no guarantee they will follow through with the work.

“A lot of businesses say hey, I don’t have the time for you. We hear that on a regular basis,” Better Business Bureau of West Michigan President & CEO Phil Catlett said.

The BBB of West Michigan is now offering an online solution called request a quote.

“There’s a drop down menu that has our most popular categories, and roofing is one of the big ones,” explained Catlett as he walked 24 Hour News 8 through the process. “And then you fill out this form, it will connect you with BBB accredited roofers in this area.”

In most cases, three quotes will pop up in about a half hour of submitting a request from BBB approved businesses.

“You know if they’re BBB accredited that they’re passing all of those tests to start,” Catlett said. “And it’s up to you as a consumer to use the system to your benefit.”

Catlett’s doesn’t just run the system, he has used it to find a tree trimmer for his own home. He says he got more than just a basic quote for the job.

“On the tree service side, two of them bid for the job for the number of trees to cut, but the third gave me a daily rate. So it gave me options,” Catlett said.

The system went online earlier this year. Catlett says there’s still the issue of businesses following through after the quote.

He says about 15 percent of the companies responding to a request don’t follow up with an agreement to do the project.

“If they are unable to respond, for whatever reason, we do eliminate them from the request a quote program,” Catlett said.

So far, users appear to be satisfied with the service. Catlett says 85 percent surveyed said they would use the service again.



BBB of West Michigan: Request a quote

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