Florida ‘zombie cat’ that was buried alive gets new family

bart the zombie cat
Left: Bart the "zombie cat" shortly after he crawled out of his grave. Right: Bart 20 months later. (Humane Society of Tampa Bay)

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA/WOOD) — A Florida cat that clawed itself out of a grave has a new home.

Back in January of 2015, the story of Bart the “zombie cat” went viral. The little black and white feline was hit by a car and mistaken for dead by his owner, who buried him in the yard. Five days after he was buried, Bart dug himself out of his grave.

Photos of the scraggly “zombie cat” with a broken jaw and injured eye went viral on the internet. People were amazed by his story of survival.

>>PHOTOS: Recover of Bart the “zombie cat”

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay came to Bart’s rescue and has overseen his care, from extensive surgeries which included removing his eye, to nursing him with love and finding him a foster family.

Now, 20 months after he crawled out from his grave, Bart has been formally adopted by his foster family.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay released this touching statement about Bart on his adoption day and hosted a party in honor of the occasion:

“To many he became known as “Zombie Cat” but to us he’s always been nothing short of a miracle. Not because we believe he rose from the dead, but because his gentle spirit, will to survive, and resilience in the face of extreme trauma embody all that we love and admire about animals. He is truly an ambassador for second chances and continues to inspire people the world over. We love you, Bart, always and forever.”

The original version of this story was first posted on WFLA.com.

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