Safety advocates urge use of car seat safety stickers

Reminder about stickers as part of National Child Passenger Safety Week

child car seat, safety sticker
An emergency information sticker on a child's car seat. (Sept. 19, 2016)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — As National Child Passenger Safety Week kicked off Monday, safety advocates in West Michigan showed off an updated identification sticker for car seats.

In the event of a crash that renders adults unable to communicate, the stickers provide first responders with information about the child including name, age, blood type and allergies so they can provide appropriate care immediately. When the child is transported to the hospital, they stay in the seat. That means ambulance personnel and hospital doctors will also have the information.

child car seat, safety sticker
A sign showing emergency car seat stickers. (Sept. 19, 2016)

At a Monday event at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Michigan State Police Trooper Martin Miller, who is also a child seat technician, explained how important the sticker system is.

“A lot of times the parents, the caretakers are either very upset, very emotional or they’re unconscious,” Miller said. “When we find that little one whose been secured in the seat, finding that sticker on the side, telling us their name, how old they are, important stuff like allergies and blood type, is essential. We can have that bond, basically, with the child as soon as we get there.”

Officials with the children’s hospital say that in West Michigan, 95 percent of car seats are misused in a way that can lead to injury for kids. The problems are things like loose installations, loose straps, or the chest clip being improperly positioned.



Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital on injury prevention

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