WGN apologizes for GR flag ‘sucks’ tweet

generic grand rapids city hall

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Chicago news station WGN has apologized following a tweet insulting the city’s flag.

“Hey Grand Rapids. Your flag sucks, too,” the tweet posted at 10:10 a.m. reads.

The attached image was Grand Rapids’ logo: A red shape representing Alexander Calder’s iconic stabile La Grande Vitesse, which is located downtown, as well as a wave of blue representing the Grand River inside a yellow circle.

But why the mean tweet?

The tweet lacked any sort of context and WGN’s website didn’t provide answers, so 24 Hour News 8 called WGN to find out what was going on. An employee there didn’t immediately have an explanation, but a producer later told 24 Hour News 8 Thursday morning that it was part of “Larry’s World” which is basically a satirical segment. Wednesday’s topic was odd flags.

The segment poked fun of Grand Rapids’ flag saying it looked like “Miss Pac-Man with lipstick” but then went on to explain what the colors/shapes stood for.

Grand Rapids’ flag wasn’t the only one that made the segment. Flags representing Kvalsund, Norway, and Pocatello, Idaho, were also mentioned.

The tweet was deleted Thursday and WGN sent an apology statement.

“The tweet was a poor choice of words. It was in reference to a satirical piece, which we often do on the WGN Morning news. We apologize, we did not mean to offend anyone,” wrote WGN News Director Jennifer Lyons.

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