Not your average orthodontist

Shannon Orthodontics
Shannon Orthodontics

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) Children should go through an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven, but not all services are alike. Shannon Orthodontics stands alone because its technology creates more efficient treatment times for patients.

Shannon Orthodontics has a scanner to create impressions, rather than those dental trays filled with goop. Shannon specializes in plastic technology like Invisiline for teeth movement.

The average treatment for a patient at Shannon is 12 to 18 months versus the 24 month or longer average. Its technology also allows patients to come in every six to eight weeks instead of monthly. That efficiency is made even greater by digitally planning out each treatment at the beginning.

Best of all, treatments at Shannon Orthodontics are affordable. Patients can pay a $250 down payment, then monthly payments.

Shannon Orthodontics Locations

4320 44th Street SW
(616) 534-0550

425 Cutler Street
(269) 673-7161

352 12th Street
(269) 685-5761

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