Multiple UICA ArtPrize entries compete for grand prize

The juried and public vote finalists at the UICA.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A popular ArtPrize venue is currently home to a handful of both juried and public vote finalists.

The Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts (UICA) has three entries that earned spots on the Jurors’ Shortlist, as well as a piece that made the public’s Final 20. At the UICA Exit Space, which is located at the Grand Rapids Ballet Company, another entry made the shortlist.

>>ArtPrize Eight on Jurors’ Shortlist | Final 20

UICA’s ArtPrize Eight exhibition “FUTURE TALK” explores recent digital and new media works from 16 American artists.

The sights and sounds from the 15 entries are noticeable right after entering the building.

Inside the gift shop, Wars and Rumors of Wars by Eric Dickson, dangles from the ceiling. The entry was a finalist chosen by the jurors in the installation category.

ArtPrize Eight Wars and Rumors of Wars by Eric Dickson
Courtesy photo of Wars and Rumors of Wars by Eric Dickson. (2016, ArtPrize)

Interestingly, SetOutputWorld by Kayla Anderson, was entered into the competition as a sculpture installation; however, it caught the eye of the 3-D juror and made the shortlist in that category.

ArtPrize Eight SetOutputWorld
Courtesy photo of SetOutputWorld by Kayla Anderson. (ArtPrize, 2016)

“Search Engine Vision “ISIS” is a time-based entry named on the shortlist. It examines how digital media transforms in real time and looks at how search engine results for the word “ISIS” have drastically changed over the years.

"Search Engine Vision "ISIS", a Time-based entry by Eric Souther on display at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts.
“Search Engine Vision “ISIS”, a Time-based entry by Eric Souther on display at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts.

When visitors head to the lower level, they’ll find the massive multimedia sculpture titled “One Thousand Shacks” which made it into the public’s Final 20. It’s an entry meant to bring attention to extreme global poverty.

ArtPrize Eight, Final 20, One Thousand Shacks, Tracey Snelling
One Thousand Shacks by Tracey Snelling, a three-dimensional entry in ArtPrize Eight displayed at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. (Courtesy ArtPrize)

Heather Duffy, exhibitions curator at UICA, told 24 Hour News 8 that she started working on choosing artists and entries for ArtPrize Eight right after last year’s event.

She said good or bad, she doesn’t want visitors to leave without having some sort of opinion.

“We wanted to create an exhibition that’s a lot more similar to the way we’re living our daily life,” Duffy explained, “which is immersive and coming at you and loud and messy and clean and it’s just really complicated. “

Duffy calls ArtPrize Eight a “special year” because it falls between the end of the Olympics and the general election.

“We knew that there would be a lot of conversations really rooted and reality or not [in reality], but that we would have all been exposed to them,” she said. “So, it felt like a good way to build this show.”

Untitled is a massive floral mural on at the UICA Exit Space. It’s a juried finalist in the installation category.

Louise Chen has continued working on the mural throughout ArtPrize Eight. She’ll finish the final touches this week.

ArtPrize Eight Louise Ouizi Chen
Sept. 26, 2016 photos of the ArtPrize Eight installation Untitled by Louise Chen.