Local nonprofit to send hygiene kits to Haiti

SPRING LAKE, Mich. (WOOD) — A local nonprofit based in Spring Lake is ready to send hygiene kits to Haiti after the country was hit by Hurricane Matthew.

Monday, 2500 hygiene kits are set to send to Haiti as the death toll there and neighboring countries increases. CEO of International Aid Brian Anderson says the kits are vital during the humanitarian crisis.

24 Hour News 8 got a look Friday at the rows and rows of boxes ready to ship out at International Aid’s headquarters.

The kits are full of vital items for the hundreds of thousands in Haiti without food, clean water or anywhere to bathe.

“On a day to day routine basis we try help out all over the world but when there is a disaster it’s kind of a call to arms,” Anderson said.

The packs are full of soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, a comb and a small towel. Anderson says these items are sometimes forgotten about during major disasters.

“On the back side of a disaster often there’s stagnant water and disease sets in so a personal hygiene is very, very important,” said Anderson.

The stacks of boxes with hygiene kits are prepared months in advance by volunteers. So when the flood waters rises and thousands need help, International Aid can ship them out in days.

“We shipped to Nepal. We’ve shipped them to Ecuador. We’ve shipped them to Texas to South Carolina, and now to Haiti. We’ll see what the needs are in southeastern U.S. as the hurricane continues to move on through,” Anderson said.

International Aid is working on another shipment of hygiene kits which will be put together and sent out in addition to the 2500 that go out on Monday.