No jail for another man seen in ‘Anxiety War’ video

Zachary Snoeyink's mug shot from the Kent County Correctional Facility.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Another of the men confronted on camera after soliciting someone he thought was a teen girl for sex has been sentenced, but he will not spend any time in jail.

Zachary Snoeyink was sentenced to two years of probation and 120 hours on a work crew in lieu of spending 60 days in jail. He must also register as a sex offender.

Snoeyink’s defense attorney had tried to have the email transcripts that Zach Sweers gave police thrown out as evidence, saying they may have been edited and aren’t reliable. However, in August, he pleaded no contest to attempting to accost a child for immoral purposes.

Zach Sweers, Anxiety War
Zach Sweers in a video posted to his YouTube channel, Anxiety War.

Snoeyink was among seven men who were charged criminally after Sweers pretended to be a teenage girl online to catch sexual predators. Sweers then arranged meetings with the men, allegedly for sex, around Grand Rapids. He recorded the confrontations and posted them on his YouTube channel, Anxiety War.

Snoeyink sued Sweers after he was charged, claiming defamation and saying Sweers invaded his privacy. The suit was settled in August. The terms of the settlement are protected by a confidentiality agreement, however, a statement from Sweers’ attorney said that “no money was paid by any Defendant(s) to settle the claims.”

Authorities have told Sweers to stop trying to lure online predators because it is dangerous and said they won’t prosecute any more cases based on information he gives them.

All of the video confrontations have been removed from Sweers’ YouTube channel.