Victim of hit-and-run: ‘It really angers me’

Nick Szczepaniuk
Nick Szczepaniuk in the hospital. (Courtesy)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s been one month since a hit-and-run driver left Nick Szczepaniuk with several fractured bones on the side of the road. Police are still no closer to finding the person responsible.

Szczepaniuk was biking north on Fuller Avenue after work on Sept 8. As he crossed this intersection, a driver turning left onto this eastbound I-196 ramp slammed right into him and kept going.

“I do have 11 fractures vertebrae, two broken ribs, fractured pelvis. I had eight staples in my head and my eye lid was stitched shut,” Szczepaniuk told 24 Hour News 8. “I stood up to try to walk but I collapsed because I knew my back was broken and kind of just crawled to the sidewalk and was waving down any car that went by.”

The car dragged his newly painted bike for several feet down the on ramp before it stopped, backed up off the bike and took off.

“That part of it really angers me. It really angers me that somebody could do that to someone else cause when they took off down the ramp my bike was still under there. I know they didn’t see me, so I could’ve been underneath there and they’re still dragging me so that part angers me,” Szczepaniuk added.

Right now, his medical bills sit at $60,000 and will continue to grow. Szczepaniuk is a chef, but will be off work for more than 12 weeks by the time he’s cleared by doctors.

Friends set up a GoFundMe page to help keep up with the bills.

Michigan State Police are investigating but tell 24 Hour News 8 that their only hope in a lead is someone coming forward with information.

The car’s description is 2002 to 2005 maroon Ford Explorer with front grill damage, as well as green paint from the bike.

By now investigators believe the car may have been taken into a body shop or dealership to be fixed.

If you have any information that can help MSP, call trooper David Ybarra at 616.866.6670.



GoFundMe account to help Szczepaniuk