5 reptiles, amphibians get ‘special concern’ designation

animals of special concern, Michigan Natural Resources Committee
The (top, left-right) mudpuppy, Butler's garter snake and smooth green snake (bottom, left-right) pickerel frog and Fowler's toad have been named "animals of special concern" in Michigan.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Five reptiles and amphibians have been added to a list of “animals of special concern” in Michigan.

It’s illegal to kill or trap those animals or remove them from the wild.

The Michigan Natural Resources Commission agreed last week to place the mudpuppy, Fowler’s toad, pickerel frog, Butler’s garter snake and smooth green snake on the list.

The commission also approved several changes to state fishing regulations dealing with commercial bait and bow and spear fishing.

One of the revisions sets rules for taking minnows, wigglers and crayfish for commercial purposes and lists waters closed to personal taking of minnows.