Owner of sneezing dog speaks to ‘Inside Edition’

Video of Rex the beagle sneezing. (Courtesy Inside Edition.)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — After months wondering why his dog wouldn’t stop sneezing, a Grand Rapids man discovered it was because there was a twig lodged inside the beagle’s nose.

Mark Kovicak spoke with “Inside Edition” Monday about his effort to find out why his dog, Rex, couldn’t stop sneezing.

He said the sneezing started about six months ago. Rex started taking antibiotics, but that didn’t stop the sneezing, “Inside Edition” reports. It wasn’t until he underwent a CT scan that the veterinarian discovered a six-inch twig in his nose. It was soon removed.

“He was back to normal that same day,” Kovicak told “Inside Edition.” “He’s back to 100 percent now, I am proud to report.”

Watch Kovicak’s interview with “Inside Edition” below. App users can click here to see it.