Weight loss success: How to lose 20 pounds with Nutrimost

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – Losing weight isn’t easy, it’s usually a very long and difficult struggle for most. However, there is hope for your weight loss journey right here in West Michigan! Dr. Mark McCullough joined eightWest in studio to explain Nutrimost, a program that allows you to lose 20-40 pounds in 40 days. Sound too good to be true? Check out the video to see the “Fab Four Fat Burners”. These are four patients who have completed Nutrimost, and it totally transformed their bodies and lives. Dr. McCullough is showing customers that with the right plan, people can lose weight in a quick, effective and healthy way.

The way Nutrimost works is through customization, support and education. When people first come into the office, they are typically extremely skeptical. They hear Dr. McCullough’s guarantee of losing 20 pounds, and think that’s too good to be true, but there are tons of success stories to back up the claims. Nutrimost takes a 21st century approach to weight loss by customizing a plan for each patient. They assess them on thousands of factors and come up with a customized food list of the top and bottom foods for your body based on your individual needs, as well as a list of all natural supplements. When you’re into the program and in the fat burning zone, you eat foods from that “top” list to put your body into a state of weight loss.

Special for eightWest viewers: Body Composition Analysis and initial consultation for just $27 to all EightWest viewers watching today (a $99 value). It’s very easy to sign up, just visit our website or call our office at 616-426-3910.

About the Fab Four Fat Burners:

Renee is a mother, which obviously is a tough, time-consuming job and over the years had put on some extra weight. For her, it wasn’t just about how she looked. She was constantly fatigued and the weight gain was starting to have a major affect on her self-confidence. In 40 days on the program she had lost 38 lbs and had immediately started to seem like her old self again. Now she’s down 85 lbs. and she looks amazing and more importantly feels amazing with tons of energy.

Robin is one of the most drastic changes we’ve seen on the NutriMost program. She lost over 73 lbs. on the program and completely transformed her health. Her blood pressure measured as high as 198 over 108 before the program and now she measures in at 108/70. She got rid of the chest pains that we’re constantly plaguing here and her metabolic age went from a 90 to 25. That means her body went from operating at the speed of a very elderly woman to that of someone in their twenties.

Lanette decided to do the program after she saw her husband do so wonderfully. She was the classic yo-yo dieter. Trying something new to lose 10 pounds, only to watch everything come back the second you going back to eating somewhat normally. In just 40 days, Lanette lost 31 pounds. She found the program so easy, she was even able to do it while she was on vacation. Most importantly, she feels so much better now with more energy than ever.

Vince is lot like a lot of other guys that when you get into your 40s and 50s, your eating habits catch up with you a little bit and you start to pack on the pounds. You know, you get busy with the kids and work and all the stresses of daily life and even though you might find a little time here and there, but you’re really not able to take care of yourself as one should. Vince did the program and lost over 50 lbs. in just 40 days.