Easy breathing in your home: Clean your air ducts now

modernistic eightwest

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – Fall means a lot of different things in West Michigan, but it’s the time to get your home prepped before winter. Modernistic visited eightWest to give tips and important information about getting your air ducts cleaned. Benefits of cleaning your air ducts include: Improved air quality, less dust, improved HVAC efficiency (which saves money on home heating), less risk of house fires, and less allergens.

You usually can’t see the dust, debris, pet hair, and dander inside your ducts, but you can definitely feel their effects when you turn on your furnace. Your HVAC system is the respiratory system of your home, so you want it to be clean and healthy. Clean air ducts ensure easy breathing for your family. Check out the video to see if you need your air ducts clean and more benefits.

Special for eightWest viewers: $100 off any standard air duct cleaning. Go to Modernistic’s website or call 800-627-5080 to schedule an appointment.