To The Point: Vice presidential candidates in MI

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Both the Democratic and Republican vice presidential candidates were in Michigan this week. Rick Albin traveled with them to find out what they were talking about.

GOP vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence was in Macomb County Monday where he weighed in on continuing fighting in the Middle East.

“The American soldier is once again in harms way retaking Mosul. They go with our prayers, but remember they are going to refight and re-win territory that had already been won and would have been secured but for the failure of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to secure the gains. The vacuum they created literally, literally was the environment in which ISIS was able to rise up and trample vast area’s that had been won by the American soldier,” Pence said.

Tuesday in Detroit, the Democratic candidate for vice president Sen. Tim Kaine talked about his ticket’s plan to combat poverty.

“We’ve got to raise incomes for working families and just put more money in people’s pockets, raising incomes for working families. The second thing we do is we have to make sure every family has a safe and healthy home and neighborhood because that’s the foundation for economic success. Finally we’ve got to make sure that all our kids have the education and skills they need to get ahead and provide for their own families one day. That’s how we’re going to break the grip of generational poverty and all of this is achievable and all of this is affordable and it shouldn’t be too much to ask for the wealthiest nation on earth” Kaine said.

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