Best trick-or-treating weather in 5 years

Halloween candy

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — After five years of less than perfect Halloween weather in West Michigan, we’re finally getting a “treat” of a forecast.

High pressure will keep the day dry with temperatures pretty close to average, which for this time of year is 55 degrees. It will be a bit breezy, so gloves may be a good idea for trick-or-treaters tonight, especially if they are planning on hitting every house in the neighborhood.

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The sun sets at 6:35 p.m. Monday night with civil twilight at 7:05 p.m. This means it will be completely dark shortly after 7 p.m., especially because there will be very little moonlight. Tonight’s moon phase is a waxing crescent with only 1 percent of the moon’s visible disk illuminated.

Outdoor pictures of the kids will be extra festive this year thanks to the late-turning leaves. Most areas across West Michigan are still in peak color. Those vivid reds, golds, and oranges will make for a great background.


Plan for a lot of door-to-door visitors tonight as this will be the driest Halloween of the last five. Each of the last five years had rain with some snow mixed into the forecast on Halloween in 2012 and 2014!


This year won’t be quite as mild as ten years ago when the highs were in the 60s. In fact 2006 through 2008 all featured dry Halloweens in the 60s. This year the warm weather arrives a day late, with Tuesday’s temperatures nearing 70 degrees.



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