Show your support to veterans in November


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) -Looking into November, eightWest wanted to put a spotlight on a new effort underway to honor and support those who serve or have served our country this Veteran’s Day. Aquoinette Blair is the organizer of a “City Wide White Out” and visited the studio to talk about how you can get involved.

On November 11, 2016, everyone in the city will be wearing one of the custom designs shown in the video to create a City Wide White Out. Everywhere a Veteran looks, they will see someone in one of two custom designs and feel honored, appreciated, and know that a donation was made to serve them. Let’s all say a unified THANK YOU and White Out West Michigan in honor of our Veterans.

The City Wide White Out is happening on Veterans Day to intentionally recognize and show gratitude to our Veterans. It is a simple yet impactful fundraiser designed to be a visible act of thanks to those who serve(d) our country. Our Veterans saluted America with their lives and although we can never repay their bravery, we can Salute You Back! By wearing one of two custom designs created intentionally to honor them, we as a community, participate in a unified act of honor and appreciation for our Veteran lives, their sacrifices, as well as financially support non profit agencies that support them daily. 90% of proceeds will be donated to Community Rebuilders Kent County Zero 2016 to end Veteran Homelessness and West Michigan Veterans Assistance Program , No Veteran Left Behind, to assist with day to day needs and expenses that many of us take for granted (45% each) with 10% slated for expenses.