Comedians working to open GR comedy club

(Courtesy The Comedy Project)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Two West Michigan comedians are in the process of opening a sketch comedy club in Grand Rapids.

“It’s something we think Grand Rapids is just ready for,” said Joe Anderson.

Both Joe Anderson and Ben Wilke have a vast background in comedy. Anderson travels around the country with the Don’t We Boys, and Wilke travels all over as a standup comedian.

“There are very, very few opportunities for performers, actors, actresses in Grand Rapids to make any remotely living wage and that is also part of our angle with this,” Anderson said.

They are working on opening The Comedy Project.

“In terms of comedy it will be more improv, sketch comedy, kind of that alternative comedy world. Our goal is really overdo on everything. We’re going to have amazing drinks, amazing food and amazing comedy,” Anderson said.

Think of something along the lines of watching “Saturday Night Live,” live right in downtown Grand Rapids. It’s something the pair says you just can’t get in West Michigan right now. The talent will be local, and the shows produced out with lighting, sets and props.

“You have to drive three hours to see any kind of club like this. You can go to Detroit, you can go to Chicago, but you can do everything else in Grand Rapids. Why can’t you do this? Why can’t you see a great sketch show done by local performers who seem like they can be on a national level professionally,” said Wilke

The pair have a Kickstarter project to raise some money, however, they say they also have investors so the project will happen. They have a location, they just can’t announce it just yet because the lease hasn’t officially been signed.