Suspected pimp arrested in GR bound over to felony court

Exavier McCaster
A mug shot of Exavier McCaster.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — An Indiana man accused of transporting a woman from South Bend to Grand Rapids for prostitution is heading to trial.

Exavier McCaster, 32, was bound over to felony court Tuesday.

McCaster was arrested last month in a sting operation that involved state, federal and local law enforcement designed to stop human trafficking of prostitutes.

FBI pimp arrest in Detroit
An FBI agent takes a suspected pimp into custody during Operation Cross Country X in Detroit. (FBI)

Nationwide, authorities recovered 82 sexually exploited juveniles and arrested 239 pimps nationwide in a matter of 72 hours. McCaster is one of eight alleged pimps arrested locally.

A young woman testified she traveled with McCaster across state lines to the Holiday Inn at Pearl Street NW and Front Avenue.

“She then went in to meet the so-called John and there was discussion of sex for money,” said Grand Rapids District Court Judge Jennifer Faber.

McCaster and the woman were arrested there after Kent County Sheriff’s Department detectives said she offered sex for money.

McCaster’s attorney said her client – a father of three – was simply offering the woman a ride home.

“She had no discussion of sex for money with Mr. McCaster, she had no intention of having sex for money at the motel. She thought was just going to be at that hotel to go home,” said attorney Judith Baxter.

However, Judge Jennifer Faber noted the victim testified that McCaster took suggestive photos of her and placed them on the internet and also allegedly drove her across state lines multiple times.

The alleged circumstances are very similar to what McCaster was accused of doing in 2013, when he was charged with running teenage prostitutes from South Bend to Chicago and Grand Rapids. In both cases, the Johns were contacted via the internet.

If convicted in this case, McCaster could spend up to 20 years in prison.

It wouldn’t be the first time he’s been there. In 2004, McCaster pleaded guilty to cocaine and gun charges in Indiana and was sentenced to 117 months behind bars.

In 2011, he provided testimony that helped convict a man in a murder case. McCaster said the suspect confessed to him and the convicted killer ended up getting a 60-year sentence. That may explain why McCaster was out on the streets by 2013.

McCaster remained in jail Tuesday on a $500,000 bond.