Local clerks dispel rumors of rigged election

KALAMAZOO, Mich (WOOD) — Local clerks are dispelling rumors of a rigged election.

It’s an argument that’s rang loud this campaign season, but Kalamazoo City Clerk Scott Borling told 24 Hour News 8 it’s nearly impossible for voter fraud to occur, especially in Michigan.

Michigan has township, city, and county clerks.

Borling said that decentralized system makes it hard for someone or a group of people to sway votes.

“You literally have thousands of people involved,” Borling explained. “There is no one or two points where you could target and influence the whole election.”

Borling also talked about Michigan’s ballot counting software which catches any time a person tries to vote twice.

There have been reports in other parts of the U.S. over concerns of people voting for a deceased relative. Borling said they have safeguards in place for that as well.

A team of people check the obituaries regularly to update their list of names.

Borling said that if there were a problem, it would be very limited and localized to one area. It would also send a clear red flag to officials.

The Cascade Township clerk told 24 Hour News 8 most teams of poll workers have a mix of Democrats and Republicans to also cut down on any possible issues.