Injured child? Advice from Orthopedic Specialists

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – Staying active is an important part of childhood and growing bodies need rapid and professional care to maintain healthy activity. Pediatric orthopedic providers at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital focus on bone, joint or muscle problems that occur from birth to adolescence. Dr. John Kemppainen joined eightWest to talk about the services provided at the children’s hospital in Grand Rapids and throughout the region.

Watch the video for more information about child injuries, services provided, and treatment options. So, what’s the difference between an adult and pediatric orthopedic specialist? Orthopedic issues in children are quite different than in adults. As pediatric orthopedic surgeons, the specialists at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital are specially trained to deal with the complexities of growing bodies.

What to do if your child is injured:

  • Don’t panic – help them to stay calm
  • If there is a significant issue, take them to the emergency room
  • Make a splint out of something
  • Call your primary care provider for further assistance

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