Michigan discontinues Chinook stocking in Lake Superior

McLain Park, Lake Superior, sunset
The sunset over Lake Superior at McLain Park on the Keweenaw Peninsula. (Courtesy Thurston De Vos, file)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Officials say the state of Michigan no longer will stock Chinook salmon in Lake Superior because the species is doing well enough on its own.

The Department of Natural Resources says nearly all the Chinooks that anglers catch in Michigan waters originate from natural reproduction, which biologists determined through creel surveys.

Lake Superior basin coordinator Phil Schneeberger says discontinuing the stocking program will leave money for other things.

Mylan Koski of the Lake Superior Citizens Fishery Advisory Committee says anglers want license dollars spent in ways that promote the greatest good for the lake.

Michigan stopped stocking coho salmon in Lake Superior after 2007 because the population had become self-sustaining. Officials say cohos have done fine since then.