West Michigan twins battling same rare heart condition

Kendal and Ashton Pluchinsky.

DELTON, Mich. (WOOD) — Two West Michigan twin boys are battling the same rare heart condition.

Kendal and Ashton Pluchinsky, both 16 years old, have undergone multiple surgeries recently to get their hearts working properly.

With more hospital visits in the near future, there’s still a lot of unknowns.

Kendal first noticed something was wrong after a five mile run with his cross-country team in October.

Ashton and Kendal Pluchinsky. (Courtesy GoFundMe)
Ashton and Kendal Pluchinsky. (Courtesy GoFundMe)

“After practice I went to get a drink of water and I started noticing my heart. My chest started hurting really bad,” Kendal said. “I just ignored it for a little while because usually after I ran it’d just go away. But this time it didn’t.”

“Looking at him when he come in the house, I’m just like ‘you tired buddy, you whipped’ and he bent over and he’s like ‘mom feel this’ and she reaches up and just as she pushed against his shirt, I could see his heart pounding out of his chest,” said Rob Pluchinsky, Kendal and Ashton’s dad.

His parents immediately rushed him to get medical attention.

For 21 hours Kendal’s heart rate was between 160 and 255 beats per minute.

“His heart was beating so hard that the bed was shaking,” said Kendal and Ashton’s mother, Adrianne Pluchinsky.

Doctors detected a rare heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome where extra pathways grow in the heart, creating an irregular heartbeat.

Two days later doctors performed surgery on Kendal to fix the problem.

Even more remarkable and shocking for the family, Kendal’s identical twin brother Ashton was diagnosed with the same condition.

“I’ve had signs, you know a little bit of symptoms but it’s never ended up the way he has,” Ashton Pluchinsky said. “Kendal’s problem was at the top which was the easiest spot to get to but mine was down towards the bottom of the heart.”

Ashton spent ten hours on the operating table, but doctors weren’t able to repair it the same way.

Ashton’s next surgery is Dec. 16 where doctors will hopefully be able to perform a similar surgery to Kendal’s just in a different location.

The medicals bills are stacking up from the surgeries and it’s putting a strain on the Pluchinsky family. A GoFundMe page has been set up if you’d like to donate.