Legislature OKs 75 mph limit on rural highways

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Legislation that would let Michigan motorists drive faster on 1,500 miles of rural highway is going to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk.

The state House voted 57-51 Tuesday to authorize a 75 mph speed limit on 600 miles of interstate and a 65 mph limit on 900 miles of US- or M-number highways. The limits would be raised if a safety study shows it is OK and the new limit is no more than what 15 percent of drivers surveyed already are exceeding.

Proponents say speed limits are too low in rural areas.

Snyder hasn’t commented much on the bills, saying his state police and transportation agencies have been tracking them.

The state police says it has no public safety concerns, while the Department of Transportation is neutral on the legislation.