Kzoo shooting survivor Abbie Kopf improving; surgery delayed

Abbie Kopf, Kalamzoo shooting rampage
Abbie Kopf back home with her sister. (Courtesy Abbie Kopf's Recovery Facebook page - July 26, 2016)

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WOOD) – The youngest survivor of the deadly Kalamazoo area shooting rampage will have to wait even longer to ditch her helmet and return to class.

According to a Facebook page dedicated to Abbie Kopf’s recovery, the 15-year-old’s skull surgery has been delayed until Jan. 31 because the replacement plate is not ready.

Abbie’s skull was shattered by a bullet during the Feb. 20 rampage that killed six people. Abbie and Tiana Carruthers survived the shooting, but both have undergone multiple surgeries and therapy.

Abbie previously experienced a health setback, with speech issues, memory loss and hypotension, but her Facebook page said she’s now “feeling much better” after some medication changes.

Abbie experienced other health complications last year. In June, infection forced doctors to remove the plate reshaping her skull. In August, she underwent another surgery to repair an incision that wasn’t healing properly.

Once the plate is back in, Abbie can stop wearing her helmet and — at some point — rejoin her classmates at Harper Creek Community Schools.

You can follow Abbie’s progress on the family Facebook and GoFundMe pages.