Local nonprofit providing housing to those in need


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – A local nonprofit has been renovating an abandoned house in Grand Rapids and is now preparing to move a group of young people who are in need.

Well House bought the abandoned house back in 2015 and began working on renovations last year. Well House had to then replace the crumbling walls, restore the original hardwood flooring and remodel the kitchen and bathrooms.

 Now inside the house, which is nearly finished, pictures hang on the walls to show how much of a disaster it was before the renovations. Once it’s completed later this month, it will be home to five to eight tenants between 18 to 24 years old and a house parent, who will live in the house to give guidance. Rent will be $275 per month.

The new tenants will also consult with a housing specialist who will help them with finding a job and schooling. Well House hopes the home serves as a safe place for young adults to learn to get back on their feet, while honoring those who put in the work to help them.
Well House owns 13 house in Grand Rapids. They are currently taking applications for tenants and housing specialists on their website.