3 sentenced for vandalism of war memorial

Cedar Springs, Spc. Timothy Brown, memorial, vandalized
The memorial to Spc. Timothy Brown in Cedar Springs before (right) and after (left) it was vandalized. (Oct. 24, 2016)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Three men have been sentenced for stealing parts of a memorial to a fallen in soldier in Cedar Springs.

David Sommerville, 17, was sentenced to 240 days in jail, pay $500 in restitution and 30 months of probation. He was credited 190 days for time served and could be released from jail to Alternative Directions, a probation residential center in Grand Rapids.

Justin Rossman, David Sommerville, Tracy Coleman
Left to right: Justin Rossman, David Sommerville and Tracy Coleman. Mug shots from the Kent County Correctional Facility.

Tracy Coleman, 45, was sentenced to 64 days in jail and pay $500 in restitution. He was credited 64 days for time served. Justin Rossman, 28, was sentenced to 240 days in jail, pay $500 in restitution, 80 hours of community service and 30 months of probation. He was credited 103 days for time served.

After Michigan National Guard Spc. Timothy Brown, 23, was killed in Iraq in November 2005, community members raised money to build a memorial to him at a city park. A bronze replica rifle, dog tags and a helmet were stolen from that memorial in October, with only a pair of boots left behind.

Tips led investigators to Coleman, Rossman and Sommerville, and they were arrested in Cedar Springs a few days later after the theft. The stolen parts of the memorial were recovered.

Authorities say the suspects also vandalized the concession stand at Cedar Springs’ Skinner Field and stealing from cars around town.